Steph Kretowicz: Somewhere I've Never Been



We cruise at just under 1,000 kilometres an hour. It feels like we’re barely moving, hovering, rather than hurtling onward to another unfamiliar destination.

Somewhere I’ve Never Been is an experiment in distributed storytelling carried out across a print, sound and live performance. Pulling together field recordings from international soundscapes, the book follows the author’s account of loss and being alone in a self-started journey through the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Co-published by: Berlin’s TLTRPreß and London’s Pool
Designed by: Maria Mitcheva
Edited by: Tom Clark

Somewhere I’ve Never Been consists of a cohesive selection of non-fiction essays exploring international soundscapes as an expression of heavily mediated, networked mobile environments.

Steph Kretowicz is a London and Los Angeles-based, writer, editor and journalist specialising in music, contemporary art and digital culture. Her writing appears in Flash Art, Dazed & Confused, Resident Advisor, The Fader and The Wire, as well as Somesuch Stories, Arcadia Missa Publishing, and Live Art Development Agency, among others. Kretowicz is also co-founder and editor of London and Berlin-based arts publication

180 pages.
First edition of 130kg.

ISBN: 978-3-943196-26-9
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