Night Shifter


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Catalysed by conversations with night-shift workers in London and Milton Keynes, this collection brings together neuroscientists, anthropologists, authors, cab-drivers, and artists to reflect on the conditions of nocturnal labour. Through each contribution, the night shift is interpreted as a displaced, ambivalent space — of disciplined protocol, of calm meditation, of queer autonomy, of hedonistic resistance, or of exhaustion beyond words.

Night Shifter features contributions from: Phanuel Antwi, Ayesha Hameed, Chris James-Harvey, William Kherbek, Sophie Lapalu, Barney Lewer, Jeff Perkins, Jason Pine, Kate Porcheret, Georgina Voss, and Vlad Vyazovskiy

Edited by: Martin Kohout and Dan Meththananda
Designed by: Jan Horčík

ISBN: 978-3-9-819640-1-1

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